Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oh Sweet Sixteen!

It is 2016, please lets take a moment of celebration [insert celebration] OMG I can not believe that I have made it through 4 years of pharmacy school. I am so thankful and filled with so much emotion. Can I bask for a moment in time? Life has been really crazy. I always stop in with a short nothing to say and promise to come back and really talk about what's been going on with me. But life has just kept me really busy. Since I won't have too much going on I've thought about deleting this blog after school and starting a new one. But, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Emsley is almost FOUR and  almost as tall as ME! Which doesn't say a lot because I'm super short. She is so beautiful and smart. Four entire years and I still haven't gotten my life together. Oh, and I'm still fat! I'm eating as good as ever. Somebody gotta do it.

Graduation is less than an ENTIRE month a way. It's so surreal, I will be a Pharm D. (ehh hmm) a whole doctor. Life has not been easy, ever! But it's been a really good time.

Hopefully graduating will free up some of my time. Probably not, I just swap old goals for new goals. I had a spare moment yesterday and noticed I hadn't posted in nearly 2 years. Unacceptable on my part. This blog means so much to me and no one probably even reads it. If I was on my iphone I would insert one of those little crying side mouth emojis. Humble beginnings, I think this blog was initially started to pass time and make money. Just to confirm I've made no money. I also, think it served to help improve my writing. I've written so many articles. I recently had to write a four page paper for school and was completley full of myself. Like is this a paying job or NAH?

There is always a little something about home. You can never go too far or do too much, that you can't come back home. No matter how long I've been away or how much I've accomplished (or not accomplished) it feels good to come back home and write about life.


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