Meet Mommy

So I wanted to start a mommy blog, but really I don't know why. Ok, may be it's because my fiancee' who gets mad when I call him my boyfriend (which I only do because he's been that for so long) and baby daddy who is all one in the same. Like Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost. Is always pushing me to do something to make money. So in an attempt to act like I am even remotely doing half of what he says I started a blog and fed him some b.s. about how some people make $250,000/year to blog. Which is true it's not false bull, it's just regular bull. Anyway, I like kids no really I love kids and kind of can't believe I'm about to have a little sweet pea of my own. I like kids because if you feed them, and let them do whatever they want so as long as they don't hurt themselves and come expecting you to do something about it. 

They are a great way to make money. By the way that was a joke. But no Really. I'm excited about becoming a mom, I can't really explain why all to well but I am. I decided I would blog about pregnancy the journey because I want these next 4 weeks to fly by, but I also want to document her life once she gets here, I'm having a baby girl. May be someone will read about it and then again may be they won't and then screw them. However, pregnancy, parenting, and kids. It's something I can write about and not get bored. And let's be honest I'm scarrred, but that's okay because the good thing about blogging is you never have to do much alone. Off on so many tangents. Every blog has these nice little compact about me or about this blog section and it sounds so well rehearsed and put together, like they figured their life out even before they started the blog. However, I'm a little all over the place nontraditional and still trying to figure it out ya Know? I find most mommy bloggers are stay at home, so here's whats really about me: I am an early barely 20 something year old (if I document my age online when I want to lie about it later I'll be busted), graduate of a college, school attending almost wife.I'm almost an adult but still a BIG BABY.  Like my mom still cleans my room, but only on occasion. 

I'm studying to be a PHARMACIST, which I guest makes me kind of smart but not really. I don't like bullshit. I think if you feel like cursing, you should CURSE because you've already cursed in your head. I'm even tempered and generally patient. It takes a lot to piss me off. I won't start a fight but, I will defiantly fight. I might not win a fight but, I'll still fight. I have horrible road rage. 

I slept with the MAILMAN. At the time we slept together he was NOT delivering my mail. I'm a little bit CRAZY, a tad bit serious, and lack total common sense. I laugh at my own jokes, but only the funny ones haha. I don't believe in really talking about politics, religion, or sexuality. I'll dip and dabble, but you'd never know how I really feel however it may seem that I feel. I'm a horrible writer but I have a lot to write (really I just have a lot to say). I'm open- minded and really awkward. I move to the beat of my own drum which most of the time is off beat. I love to sing and dance even though, I'm not good at either.

 I want to be on the radio or T.V. like a PERSONALITY because I have a lot of it and I think I would be good at it. I hate to offend people it makes me feel like a bad person, but I'm learning sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But I still feel like a bad person. 

I love ALL people and I would like to consider myself a self- proclaimed advocate for persons with disabilities. Hopefully one day when I'm rich I'll open up a true home where people with intellectual disabilities can live like they should! Although, it's almost always hard for me to stay on task. Partly because I'm a procrastinator, I have tons of ideas, and Pharmacy is my true love and I'm committed to that. I guess I can be a Bi$#H but not because I want to I just have something I want to say. I hate bullies and bullying is something I feel strongly about. Overall, I think I'm a good person but it kind of doesn't mean anything what you think of yourself. Just Hopefully people read my blog, follow me, and like it! If all else fails my daughter will get online one day when I'm dead and gone and think "Wow, my mom was COOL!!"


  1. "If all else fails my daughter will get online one day when I'm dead and gone and think 'Wow, my mom was COOL!!'" hahahaha.

  2. I love this blog! Although I am not a mother or on the fast track to be one yet, I can relate totally and completely to your experiences in pharmacy school. I am in my first year (P1) at a school in a completely new/different city AND state and feel like I don't relate to alot of my peers. But im thankful for your blog because it reminded me that I'm not here to make friends lol. Again, thanks for that reminder!