Monday, June 30, 2014


2 years have gone by since I officially became the JOVIAL mommy. It hasn't been easy...

Actually it's been frustrating, tiresome, hectic, chaotic, and at times depressing! Parenting doesn't come with a guide, I mean there's people out there that can tell you how they did it, you know books and the like. However, that doesn't mean that you'll like every aspect of how they choose to parent. I think becoming a parent gives you a greater appreciation of your own parents. I mean because really at times it does seem as though the blind are leading the blind.

I always try my best to motivate any and every one, to give life every thing I have, because you only live once. "YOLO"

Having children doesn't mean your life is over and that you'll never be able to accomplish your life's goals and dreams. It just means: it'll get a little harder, take a little longer, mean a little more, make you a little stronger, make you a little tougher, make you mature a little faster, and much more appreciative.

As I mentioned yesterday I feel as though I struggle with staying encouraged. And more than likely that's just the Once Over Achiever in Me! But more important than the latter is encouraging people to stay motivated in becoming successful. And I'm a little biased because, I'm a strong believer in education. I don't think that you can't be seen as intelligent without an education. However, I believe  education is essential to success. Formal Education isn't for everyone, that I can understand. But knowledge doesn't come by way of only formal education. I want, especially young women, to stop settling for "whatever" is out there and to work to get the best that's available! Often times people are in a hurry to have something they over look the grand scheme.

Why is public housing ENOUGH... Why isn't working hard to own your own home the ultimate goal? Why is working your way up to manger instead of owning your own business the dream? And why are we so afraid of working together in fears someone will have more than what we will?

I was looking over my blog, and I was going to delete some posts. I was embarrassed, I felt too emotional, too exposed, too transparent. Who am I to share my thoughts, stories, dreams, and goals? Recently, I had someone to question my motives for posting my grades each semester. I was shocked because honestly before I even decided to post my grades I was hesitant. I thought: My district manager follows me, people who don't care for me or my family follow me, I've always been seen as smart and on and on and on...It's my experience when God has a task for you, you don't tend to play teachers pet, jumping with excitement to complete tasks at hand. But at some point he'll give you a peace and that's when you get prepared to move. So as I stumbled to answer the question, she threw another just as sharp as the first "So, would you post your grades even if you got all C's" I answered simply "Absolutely"

So with everything that I do, no matter how personal, I'm doing it to encourage someone that just because...doesn't mean you can't... Becoming a jovial mommy hasn't always been jovial and sometimes it wasn't jovial at all. But I wouldn't change it for the world, the love that I have for my daughter and the love she reciprocates is more than I could have every have dreamed for! You only live once, make the best of your life every day of your life!

-With Love

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