Friday, December 1, 2017

What I Buy at Costco

I purchased the Hatchimal from Costco $40 compared to $60. Emsley's Addison Jacket came with matching pants for $14.
I love to shop. So, what woman doesn't right? It's actually pretty bad though, because I'm not like a super couponer good at shopping woman. I love being in the store and seeing what's new and what could be a good fit for my family.

I love shopping at warehouses: Costco, Bj's and Sam's Club.

Two Sweaters, a shirt, and Emsley's Hatchimal
But, Costco is my favorite. They always have good quality products at a family friendly price. From Uggs and Jeans, to perfume and food. They never disappoint. I love to "try" new things so the demos are my absolute favorite part of shopping at these places. It's so exciting because you never know what you're going to find, or when you're going to find it, so you have to just pick a few days a week, when you have some extra time. And... you have to go row by row because these places are packed with deals, but they're not always easy to find.

What I Buy.

I know some people say they hate shopping at the warehouses because they don't like purchasing in bulk. While, I do have a small family, certain products just work for us. I normally purchase my bottled water, my daughter's juices, and salmon from Costco weekly. I purchase my husband's body wash and snacks for his lunch.

To be a family of 3 we wash a ton of clothes.Therefore, I purchase all of my laundry supplies. My fragrance beads, fabric softener, and detergent.

You can find really good deals on clothes, especially when the seasons are changing and they are getting ready to turn the inventory. At the beginning, of the school year, I purchased Emsley's uniforms.

You can never have enough bedding. I always purchase my linen, comforters, and pillows from Costco.
Perfume, Popcorn, My Husband's body wash and breakfast bowls.

Electronics: Costco has a ton a deals on electronics. I purchased my home, I purchased all of my televisions from Costco and got really good deals on them.

What I Can't Buy.

I can't buy milk, eggs, bread, or cheese. Only, because my family is so fickle. I will purchase these items because we've been going through them like crazy and then I get them in bulk and all of a sudden they just stop consuming them. I can't stand them sometimes.

What do you love to buy at Costco, or any of the warehouses?