Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't You Ever

I have a confession.

 I spend way too much idle time on social media. It's honestly a nasty little habit I've developed.

I'll be the first person to admit to being nosey. I should probably clarify that I mean nosey in a good way. I'm a people person, most of the time anyway, I like to share in birthdays, successes, and travels. It's always interesting, to me at least, to read people's views. I guess I just enjoy the aspect of engagement. However, every so often I  find a view or a post that just so happens to ruffle my feathers.

Today was in fact that day. Not that I have a life's work. But I feel that my life's work will be devoted to [at some point in time] inspiring people to do the impossible. I think if I were to have a slogan it would be "Making the impossible, possible!" Because that's what life is about, right? That's why we experience. So, okay now what the post was actually about. A young lady took the opportunity to boast for not having children and focusing on her career, so that when the time came her children would be well taken care of.

"I chose my career instead of laying around poppin kids out...guess im selfish. .....just know when i do decide they wouldnt want for nothing....called priorities"

So, my true issue is maybe me actually being sensitive and I'm willing to admit that I may actually be being sensitive. But, let's be perfectly honest. It's not what you've really done that was right versus what someone did that was so terribly wrong. But you haven't gotten caught doing the wrong they've done.
As a parent, I'm not sure you can ever really be prepared for this experience. You can try, but there are no guarantees in this business. But as a parent my daughter has never wanted for anything, I've never not be able to provide her basics necessaties and cover the majority of her wants. I felt the post may not have been very socially conscious. We have all made decisions [ I won't say mistakes, because I don't think my daughter is in any sense of the word, a mistake] that maybe we felt in hindsight we shouldn't have. Having a child or having children is a very public decision. A decision that I tell people [mothers] all the time doesn't stop them from being GREAT!

My intent is not to take anything away from this person and I certainly don't take this negatively personally. Let me just pause for the cause:

A. I will be graduating with a doctorate in 1 month
B. I have published several articles nationally
C. I am about to embark on a very successful career with a six figure salary
D. I have been a mother the entire time
E. All of the Above

So, as you were. I am a very confident and strong person, at this point in my life. But not every mother is and my goal is to motivate and not shun. The only selffish part of that post was that it glorified a persons personal decisions over anothers. Priorities= regarded as being more important than another. If you choose your career over starting a family, fine. If you choose starting a family over your career, fine. If you choose to do both at the same time, fine. And if you choose neither, far be it for anyone to judge.

Don't you ever let someone's opinion, belief, success, words, theory, or social media post hinder you from GREATNESS you desire for your life! Social media can be excellent platform to spread greatness, but it can also be a great platform to inadvertly suppress it.

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