Sunday, June 29, 2014

Officially Summer Can Began

A 95%, this is what I earned in my community hospital rotation. It's not quite what I expected, as I felt like considering ALL factors, I should have earned a 100% but that may just be the optimist in me.

Aside from this, Summer has started for me!!!!

Let's take a moment to Turn up, Turn up, Turn up!

Now that I've officially been turnt, it's time for me to really get working.

It's funny that I feel this way, but I'll explain the way I'm feeling... For a while I felt because I was a mother and wouldn't allow myself to be as flexible as my colleagues, that I did't quite measure up to them. It was hard for me feeling that way because I'm use to being the achiever always in everything!

However it was something that I prayed upon and it was like immediately God just started opening doors for me. From that moment forth I promised myself that I would make the best of my situation, trust God, and just remain passionate. And like I previously mentioned God started opening doors and that just made things gravy.

So the summer rolls around and my peers are posting pictures of themselves on corporate internships, and traveling the world to gain experience. While at the same time not as many doors are opening as before. Actually, I've been knocking into thin air trying to find doors to open. Nothing!

 In my quest to get back on track I've set a few summer goals that I hope to accomplish.

1. Write and publish 5 articles
2. Work on developing and organizing my Scholarship so named "The Consult America Scholarship"
3. Improve my writing
4. Practice waking up early to exercise
5. Relaxing
6. Save some money
7. Lose some weight (hopefully 20 pounds)
8. Become an immunizer
9. Cover the CVS again
10. Work on writing a Book

These are my personal goals that I have set out to accomplish for myself this summer. It's my logic that if my peers are out working and experiencing in real time, I have to do something to show myself diligent.

Which brings me to the article that I just finished writing for Black College Today Magazine, titled "This Summer Inspire to Desire" and with this article I'm trying to really motivate fellow college students to not let summer slip by without doing something positive with their time and really just to remember to always take time to improve.

For my pharmacy students reading this: As I reflect on what I'm writing as I'm writing it. Everyone will tell you a little bit of Everything about pharmacy. And what I will tell you is, many of your peers will do great things, things maybe which even surpass your imagination. Remain passionate! I hate when people say find your niche, so I won't say it, but do what inspires you. Pray and seek God. Ask him what is his plans for your life and offer your talents to him, for his name to get praise and glory. You will be tried and most definitely tested. You'll feel unsure and unworthy! Stay stead fast unremovable and BELIEVE...

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