Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Been so long...

It's been far too long actually. Hey babies, I'm writing today with a nasty cold.My child is sick and I'm sick and we're both tired. Today was officially my first day of grad school (pharmacy school) it was interesting to say the least. 38 hours of study is the suggested amount of time a week needed for this course work. Screw my life right? I know I told you that I don't discuss politics, however it iS your civic duty, so vote for someone! We are starting our own business selling accessories which is very exciting. Be on the look out for a post including the link, details, and many promotions.Emsley is growing so fast and getting so big! Im on the iPad so I'll see if I can post a picture. I've gained some weight back :( but I've been eating like crazy. I plan to get back on that, soon! Anyways, I love you guys. Thank you for reading, I've not foresaken thee. If you can't find me up here you can find me on instagram @7charities.


Stay sweet honnies, because life is sour!

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