Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's going on...

Hey Honies,

So I'm just writing to let you guys know what's been going on.

1st: I finally lost those last 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, go me. I am now back to prepregnancy weight although that hang is a little bothersome it's not as profound as before.

The 48 hour hollywood juice diet was ok. It did take off 8 pounds in two days. It tastes pretty good, like the Tang juice almost. I wasn't really hungry whenever I felt hunger about to sneak up I would drink the juice. The hardest part was watching other people eat because, I'm so greedy. My plans were to immediately go to a 3 day diet and then take two days off and on to a cabbage soup diet. However, I was so weak and protein deprived after the miracle diet so I figured since I had already bought the food for the diet, then I would just follow it but when I felt hungry EAT...

2nd: Emsley had to go to the doctor to get her 2 month check up and a set of shots...4 shots to be exact. I was so sad, but she took it like a champ. Actually I think I cried longer than she did. She has been kind of sluggish and sleeping a lot. I think she is sort of mad at me so she has had a little attitude. I have been sure to be EXTRA nice to her letting her sleep on me and giving her dozens of kissys.

3rd: So I never keep my phone charged... If you asked my family about me they would say it is next to impossible to get in contact with me. At any rate, when I finally charged my phone this evening. A text message dropped in my in box from my Muff and she was just letting me know that she had been trying to reach me (go figure) and that I was a great mother. That really touched me and almost made me cry, because since I've had Emsley seems like so much emphasis has been put on how much of a inadequate mother I am.

                   Strange really that I have a mommy blog and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. But I can tell you one thing I love doing it.

Lastly: So school starts on the 29th and I feel like I'm not ready at all. I'm rather scared actually. Hampton has a reputation for being like "Uppity" people say the girls that go there are really prissy and dress a certain way. And I'm nothing like that I mean a pair of sweats with my hair pulled back in some tennis shoes would make me more than happy. I try to remember that I am a 22 year old woman and I need to kind of look up on myself. So I've gotten like some really nice dress shirts (that hide my tatt) and some pants. However, since my feet have grown from my pregnancy I need new shoes and I would like some new make up ( yes I wear make up, well at least I use to previously). At any rate I know I can't go in looking like who did it and weight has been a big issue primarily for this reason. People my age in this program probably won't have kids so I don't want to look like I just dropped a 37 pound load. I just don't know how all of this makes me feel really.


Stay sweet Honies...


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