Sunday, September 9, 2012

The first week of school is over!

Ahhhh, the first week of school is finally over!! And tomorrow starts another week, yet I still don't think I've had much time to process this passing week. On the first day of school one of our professors gave us a schedule showing that we should be studying 38 hours per week to be successful. Crazy I know. This whole experience is just a wee bit scary. I don't want to be the one who falls behind or drops out ya know? Anyway, I've never been so uncomfortable in my own skin EVER! My cousin thinks it's because I have so many new things happening at once. I agree. I have been eating Horribly and not exercising. Although, I plan to take my healthy choice dinners to lunch this week and just try to be more aware of how I'm eating. Hopefully, I can get into bed at a decent time and I can get up early and get some physical fitness in! Moving right along Emsley starts school on Tuesday and I am soo very excited for her, she'll be riding the school bus and every thing!  Lastly, I am trying to get my website together for my accessory store: Addison Avenue...It's something I'm very excited about and hopefully will be very successful. I hope everyone starting school this pass week had a wonderful week   in school. Remember to feed your family a good breakfast, promote reading, so no to drugs, sex, and music with no meaning, eat your fruits and veggies, don't drink during the week day, pray to some god, stay encouraged, and look out for Addison Avenue. Coming to a web page near you! I love you ALL for reading and following even when I'm unable to post as frequently as I should.  Continue to: Read, Follow, Subscribe and Comment...Also, when you can't find me up here you can probably find me on instagram @7charities....

Stay Sweet Honey even when life gets SOUR!!

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  1. I drink during the week :D I'm such a bad influence on my friends!!