Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank You Portsmouth Rescue Squad!

Hello Honies (because you ALL are my honies), I come to you frustrated, sleepy and exhausted! This morning was quite the morning. A Very Early morning...

So... Ems was up at 12:00 this morning for a routine feeding and diaper change, all very normal, and normally she falls back to sleep. However, she stayed awake, not whining or anything just looking around...Her father and I were goofing around so she was soaking it all in.

At around 2:00 a.m. she started nibbling her fingers and searching for the boob...So the first option I give her, because children need options, is her passie. We fought with that a few times, she won and spit it out. So, I'm thinking well she never fell asleep maybe she's still hungry I'll fix her 3 more ounces of milk. That is on top of the 5 ounces that she had at 12.

I'm feeding her and all of a sudden she vomits and I mean everywhere...I freak out she's not coughing, not making any sounds, and her eyes are rolling in the back of her head. I quickly pick her up holding her stomach in my hands and I'm frantic. The mailman is asking me do I know CPR and I'm just like call 911, call 911.

My logic behind that is I don't know if my daughter is breathing or not and if I wait until I can tell and she's not breathing then I've lost lets say 3 minutes. I want to make sure that if my daugher isn't breathing I'm responding as fast as possible, because that's fighting the time of brain damage.

By the time the abulance arrives. Emsley has settled down she's breathing, and calm. Really there was no need for the rescue squad to come and although I was very shaken up and nervous. I was in fact a little embarrassed and scared.

I have dealt with children since I was about 16 years old, I know CPR and the works. I've kept children safe during seizures and all sorts of things, but it's something about MY CHILD that just everything goes out the window and instead of thinking, I'm reacting...I've struggled with my maternal feelings for a while but I love my daughter she is the most precious thing in my life. If something happens to her I can't get a new her and that's scarry. At any rate I flipped out....

The Portsmouth Rescue Squad in 23701 was AMAZING. They were understanding and they didn't judge us. They understood completely that it was our first child and that we were super scared. They shared personal experiences with us and even gave us some advice.

All and all Emsley is well, I'm recovering and that's about it...Until next time


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! New follower from the World Bloggers Community.

  2. PRAISE GOD!!! SOOOO glad Ems is ok!! I know that that was VERY scary, and I'm glad P-Rescue was so helpful!

  3. @ The Vintage Boomer, Thanks so much for subscribing and leaving a comment.

    @Clarissa, yes I was very scared and Ems is fine after she was looking around like "Mom really" and I really appreciated the EMT's they were great!