Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reality...What's Yours?

Reality, why is it that people are so consumed with reality? I mean reality television has completely taken over. It doesn't matter if it is reality with famous people or reality with common people it's exciting. Even at times when we know or may question if it is truly real. It is important to first note that reality is not the same across the board. My reality is different from yours and John's and Mary's and so forth. It's interesting to see how someone else is living, what their reality is. Reality is almost like therapy to see how people handle different situations and to become engulfed in someone else's problems that for a moment you are able to relieve yourself of your own. For some people it sets a standard of how they should be living their life and things that they should be doing. Reality is exciting because it's not our own. We feel like we can connect with people feel what they feel and how they feel. Some people blog anonymously, but I choose to blog whole heartily. So that people can connect with me. feel my thoughts, reactions, my struggles, heartache, my life. Not because I'm anyone special but because I have something to say and I'm courageous enough to say it all un-anonymous, regardless if anyone ever lays eyes on it. I think Reality is good but also it's not really factual it's what one chooses to make it. What is your Reality?


  1. You're right: not everyone has the same reality. Certain reality TV shows are SOO appealing to me because the "characters'" lives seem so exciting, and I like to see the outfits they wear. It's almost like being rich and famous vicariously through them...even though I don't want to be rich and famous. It's still fun to get a sneak peek into "that life."

    My reality seems to be constantly changing. At one point, my reality was to be rich, wear the hottest clothes, go to the coolest places, and chill with the coolest friends. I was a bit oblivious to the plight of the poor, the homeless, the unsaved, etc etc, and even the bored.

    Now, my reality is that there are REAL problems that REAL people face everyday. Whether they are without hope or without an open-eye to the problems in their community. My reality is that the world really can be a cold, cruel place with slivers of warmth and sunshine, and also clouds that blur...I realize that I am blessed beyond measure to have somewhere to live, food, clothes, and family and friends who love and care for me.

  2. Clarissa I couldn't have said it better...