Friday, July 27, 2012

Keep Our water safe...

Keep Our water safe...Wait I got that wrong keep our children safe from water.

It's summer, and it's been extremely hot and one of the first things parents tend to do is take their children: to beaches, water parks, or pools. However, lately especially in the Hampton Roads area there have been too many water related accidents and deaths. It's an issue that when I was growing up either wasn't an issue or one that I was unaware of.

I was never afraid of water as a child but I always understood that I couldn't swim. I had swim lessons, I was unsuccessful. My mother never took me to the beach to play in the ocean. She took me to the pool, but never the ocean. If I a child cannot swim, if a person cannot swim then what would urge them to go test an OCEAN out with tides and junk? Doesn't make sense to me. I'm not calling it wrong, I'm just saying it's strange.

At any rate, some of the most beneficial things you can do for your child is to teach them the dangers of playing around water (especially if they don't know how to swim) and enrolling them in swim lessons. It's that simple. If you have children not taking them to the beach to swim in the ocean at night, and checking the tides and not taking them if they're going to be high that day, being attentive when your child is around any body of water is always a good idea.

I've always taken care of children, dating back to when my sister was born, from there I worked in several daycares and even been a private nanny for several families and water safety is always something I was well aware of. Make sure you're talking to your sitters and nannies. Make sure they know CPR, proper water safety and any protocols or plans of action that you would like your sitter to take. For instance, when I nannied for one family I would inform the children we were going to get in the pool, they had to put on their bathing suits, grab the towels and wait for me by the gate to the pool, then they would grab the life jackets, I would fasten the belts, they could then enter the pool counting each step until they reached the bottom. They did this the same exact way every single time they got in the pool. Their parents had a routine in place.

So, teach your churn not to be afraid of the water just be safe with it.

Life is Sour so Stay Sweet HONIES!

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