Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday Funday

BlueMoon Taphouse
Working overnight has really thrown my body totally off schedule.

I find myself randomly falling asleep in the middle of the day. Or preparing for bed in the early evening and waking up in the early morning. On my days off I wish I were at work, because for some reason sleep during the day is so much better than sleep at night.

I hope that doesn't sound too weird.

Fenty Trophy Wife Glow
While, as much as I love working at night and sleeping during the day, there are downsides. Like missing out on cuddling up with my husband. It has to be the absolute worst downside.  Being newlyweds and being on opposite schedules for half of the month-is treacherous! So, on my 7 days off we live it up as best we can.
Waiting for Brunch.

Most weekends, Emsley has already preplanned for herself. A unique little 5 year old. This past weekend started off at M
a's house (My mother) and ended at Grandma's house (Evander's mother).

In Reid fashion, we made date night plans which turned into stay-in plans. The plan was to go to the movies and get dinner. What we actually did was grab some Thai food and watched Netflix.

Netflix and Chill.

Evander had already fore-warned me that I was NOT going to take his entire Sunday from him. RIGHT... Of course, I woke him up at 6 a.m., partly because I couldn't sleep and partly, to get ready for church. We have been visiting with a new church lately, and it has really been a blessing in our lives and in our marriage.

Chicken/Waffles/White Chocolate Butter/ Cheese Grits
Charcuterie w/Crab Deviled Eggs
At Waterside, before Dinner.
After, church he obliged to taking me to my favorite resturant for brunch. They have such good food, at such a great price, and it's so low-key. No one is ever there, so going always feels like we rented the entire resturant just for ourselves. The food is in surplus, however the service can be questionable.Compromise. Still, it's our go to spot, Old Faithful.

Shopping at the Mall
After Brunch, I was stuffed and I thought for sure we were going to get a good nap in before Ems got home. Instead, my husband decided to steal some of my day. I was summoned to sit out on the porch, while he cleaned his cars. At least he played my favorite Anita Baker and Babyface songs.

Our day ended with an inpromptu trip to the mall and waterside for dinner. And this is what I call Sunday Funday.

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