Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just a Litte Patience

People are always in a hurry to do everything.

Rushing to get to work
Rushing to get work done
Rushing to get through the day
Rushing to get home
Rushing to cook dinner
Rushing to bed... To be well rested in order to do it all over again.


We want perfection STAT (immediately). We want to find the love of our lives as quickly as possible. To get married and have children, along with the house and a nice car. And let's not forget the fancy vacations and equally as perfect friends. It seems so counterintuitive to expedite perfection.

 The advent of convenience  has been such a hinderance to our culture. Working as a pharmacist I get to experience this first hand. The stares, the attitude, and all the extra that comes with doing my job to perfection.

  Where waiting 30 minutes to recieve your medication is much too long of a wait, because all your pharmacist does is put pills in a bottle.

We condition ourselves to only view the world in terms of our own needs. A characteristic, commonly associated with a medical condition, has become our everyday norm. It's disheartening.

Often we make life much more difficult (i.e. stressful) than it has to be. Life just takes a little patience, not only with ourselves but also, with others.

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  1. So true! Also, the picture link is broken so the picture link doesn't show up on my laptop or my phone :(