Sunday, September 25, 2016

Life after Pharmacy School...

I can tell you from experience that life as a Pharmacy Student really is a challenging life. I mean your social life is pretty much non-existent. Your family and friends get put on the back burner. There is always some assignment, or test, or presentation that is somewhere lingering.

And then there's P4 year when things kind of slow down but not really. Tests get replaced with journal club's and case presentations, preceptor attitudes. Then there's my all time favorite, free labor. There were several times during my rotation, I would have rather been in the classroom.

Nevertheless, then you graduate. At this point you get to "bask"  Until you realize you have 2 exams standing in your way of being really official. And yes I said "really" because right now you're in transition. You know the point where people ask you, What do you do? And you want to say pharmacist but, you're not all the way sure it's appropriate. I tried several times during transition to convince myself, that in fact I was a pharmacist just not a licensed, practicing one at the moment.

Ok, so now you're studying for either the Naplex or the law or both at the same time. It's funny because I read somewhere on the internet that the law exam is written by laywers and the Naplex is written by pharmacist, so fear the law more than the Naplex. Then I read somewhere else, that 70% of people who take the law exam pass and 94% of people who take the Naplex pass. In hindsight, I believe it. I most certainly felt as though the law exam was much more difficult than the Naplex. Ok, so all of that seems impossible until you pass and then you're expected to work.

So not life!
Working is interesting. I personally felt the difference between being an intern and now a pharmacist. People asked me questions and if I didn't know the answer as an intern it was ok. Now, people ask me questions and if I don't know I get a side eye. I ask my best friend like every other shift " Who thought it was a good idea to give me a license?"

Throughout the day we frantically share text messages that go a little something like:

"What is prefiber?"
" Can you give fluad to anybody?"
" How do you mix this?
"Do you mix that?"

Life after pharmacy school has been scary and exciting, interesting and overwhelming. Even still sometimes life has been a little bland. In short life has been no beach but when is life ever?

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