Thursday, April 28, 2016

Four Years a Mommy

Recently, a close friend found out that they will be a parent. I was so excited I probably talked their ear off about what to do, what not to do, and where to go. I mean because if you didn't know, I am Mommy Queen [This is in fact Sarcasm]. We talked for over an hour and I felt like with each word I was reliving my experience over again. But only the good stuff of course, I mean really it's the only stuff that matters. What really has four years of Mommyhood been like?

Well let me be frank, I wanted a boy! However, a precious little girl was exactly what I needed. She is such the little diva and so much like her mom, nosey and all. For lack of a better way to put it-It's been perfect.

I look at her and I can't believe she's mine. I created this friendly monster.All that I hope for the world, for humanity, it lies in her eyes. She is so caring and gentle. Her heart is pure. One night we were laying in bed and I asked her "What do you what to be when you grow up?" and she looked up at me and said " Whatever you want me to be mommy."
I'm so sappy, that this alone was enough to just completely melt my heart.I hate that she's a people pleaser, so I wanted her to dig deep. To hear about the things that roll around in that little mind of hers.
She looks back at me and says " I want to be a nurse and to help people if they are hurt or if they lose their dog,I will help them find it. I will just do whatever they need me to do."
Okay, cue tears and sappy music now. I was blown completely away. I mean some of the sentence didn't make sense clearly because nurses don't find dogs, but the compassion. It makes being a parent simple when you just naturally have an amazing child. I tell people all the time to be an only child Emsley is so giving and caring that I can hardly stand it.

Alternatively, Emsley is extremely busy! She asks entirely too many questions and she repeats everything. She ALWAYS wants me to play with her. I have to keep her nails done, and her hair up to her standards. I have to fuss with her every morning about what she wants to wear. She has to always be on top of my entire life. She has to lay on me, and sit near me and ALL THINGS MOMMY! But clearly all of the many good things out weigh anything that I could possibly say alternatively

Four years a mommy has been really great. I've learned about myself and people and just life in general. I've matured and just really embraced being Emsley's Mommy. I'm sure I have far too many faults to list here, that I should be working on. However, I have a happy, healthy, compassionate, and caring daughter. So, there's not too much more I could really ask for.


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