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SO I don't know if you guys remember or not but you can email me questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions for ADVICE or ANYTHING and I will respond on the blog or Privately however you want just indicate that in the email. And my email of course is

At any rate my first ever question reads as follows: What tips or advice can you give me about preparing for my pharmacy school interview?

Well, that is a great question!

First understand why you are there. You have applied to the school which shows your interest in the school and this is their way of showing some interest back. If you have made it this far you have beat out 30% of applicants so you should be proud of yourself.

 Pharmacy is a professional program so you must go into the situation with a high degree of professionalism. No tats or piercings showings. Stick with black and white for your attire. Very basic nothing to over powering.No Cologne or perfume. Let's play this out in our heads one of your interviewers has just broken up with their significant other and you are wearing the scent that they use to wear (by the way they broke up because the person was cheating and they now hate them) it sounds off the rocker but you will be surprised.

 I like the saying "people will forget your name, they may even forget your face, but they will never forget how you made them feel." GO IN CONFIDENT even if you're not. Work the room. Be at ease with yourself. Make them feel like "you would be crazy not to have me here" 90% of that interview is going to be how you make them feel. AND you control that 100%.

BE HONEST! I didn't have the best transcript and when they asked about that I told them I made them believe in me because I was honest.

 Know your history on the school and why you want to be there. NOT JUST PHARMACY SCHOOL BUT THAT PHARMACY SCHOOL.

 ASK questions not a ton so they feel like you are interviewing them but two questions to let them know you are really excited and interested and that you were paying attention.

BE passionate even if pharmacy was your back up plan research it and KNOW WHY NOW IT IS YOUR NUMBER 1 PLAN !!

Look up issues on and related to pharmacy. Know all recent issues on your field. When I was doing my interviewing,  pharmacists being able to do immunizations was a big thing and sure enough I got a question on it. Pharmacy today is a magazine you can read you can get pharmacy apps anything just be current and up to date on relevant issues.

 You will probably get some questions on working in groups or dealing with people from different backgrounds and your ability to communicate. So, be ready for those.

 The main thing will just be your personality. Interviews are like songs. IF you have a good rhythm and beat and can make people feel happy and like they want to party without being annoying they kind of overlook what you say because they believe in how you are making them feel (to a certain extent that means be prepared to the best of your abilities and just let the rest align)

Hope that helps!

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