Sunday, December 23, 2012

Still busy being busy

So even though I'm off and I'm supposed to be relaxing and spending time with Ems and such...I'm not I busy doing a little of everything. I need a new up to date picture as I'm no longer pregnant. And I need to change the blog around give it a fresh look. We need a family photo and such things. Now don't get me wrong. I am taking time out to cuddle and kiss my babies (Ems and the Mailman) and laying in bed until Ems is practically beating me up. Which is around 11 or noon.

But, I'm busy working. And while I haven't gotten around to everything (like sending out free earrings) I've done ALOT. I know people think I'm either crazy, a fraud, or totally forgotten things I've said. However it's just so much of things that need to be done. Priority, Priority, Priority. But I am getting to it and it is on my mind. I've been looking for new inventory, I ordered more mailers to mail out the earrings, I have ordered hair samples (which is another post in it's self), and ordered numerous things from amazon.  For instance I told you that this semester I felt like I just got information shoved down my throat so I ordered a overview/ review of a&p so I can make sure I really get those concepts.

 I will insert a tangent here just to fully paint the picture of how incredibly busy I am. The background check that I need to have and my drug test that is due January 14. So that I can do rotations, I've yet to complete the profile so that I can even begin the process of getting that done. Say it with me *Priority* It will get done and so will the other millions of things that I need to get done.

Finally I have completed christmas shopping for Ems excuse me  "WE" have completed christmas shopping for Ems. The goal that we had or the limit for her first christmas was $150 which we both agreed was a good amount. Now before I say what I'm going to say I will say "what had happened was" I get really excited and needless to say I single handedly doubled that amount. We actually spent $150 on clothes and then another equal amount on toys. Let me just put this out there that I am woman enough to say I overdue things sometimes and I can admit that. But, it's her first christmas and I feel really guilty about spending so much time in school and studying. Then again it's mine I spend it! And too she only has like about 6 toys and two of those are just teething rings and one we can't even find. Anywho, I wonder how much other people are spending on their under one year olds for christmas.

At any rate I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.


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