Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is Wrong with Team USA...

Gabrielle Douglas vs
Ok, So I will probably get a lot of views just because of my title, but it's ok just take something from my post.

This post originally started off as being titled what is wrong with black people but because I was unable to finish it at the time, when I came back to it I had a change of heart or topic rather.

In the spirit of Olympic season I decided to pose a question: What is Wrong with Team USA? That's right I asked it.  A 16 year old little girl is in London competing in the name of Team USA and while her talent has not been completely downplayed in has been overshadowed by ridiculous bullshit like her hair and her mother's financial problems and her relationship with her father...

Who would stoop so low? Yea, that's right team USA. This is a child who is doing something positive with her life and to reward her we dig in her personal business and find the "MOST INTERESTING" thing to report. SHAME ON US.My other question is why aren't we hearing all of the skeletons out of our other gold medalist's closet?

Again, I reiterate we do this to a child?  At what point does the media decide this might be a "juicy" story but is it morally or ethically right? How can we expect more from and out of society when this is the way Team USA does some dumb shit like this.

At any rate, I'm eating my ice cream Party Cake by Turkey Hill that was on sell at Farm Fresh for $1.99 and it is delicious..Try it out guys.

Life is especially sour So STAY SWEET HONEY!


  1. Whoa, that IS terrible. I had no idea since I have not really been in the loop regarding the Olympics.

    Side note: Party Cake ice cream was $1.99?!?! Angelia told you?? lolol.

  2. Party cake ice cream is the devil....