Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do My Hair Daddy!

First off why are black folks so concerned with hair?

I will tell you why I think it is such a big deal. Black people believe that they live in a white man's world and in that world they all have silky, long, and straight hair. And because this is ideal they try to get as close to this as possible. The mailman has beautiful hair it just lays so perfectly nothing knotty about it. When I became pregnant one of the concerns I had was that I would get great criticism if my daughter didn't have her father's hair. Hair to me is unimportant. I've been pretty much bald, I've been relaxed, Natural, bleached, dyed,braided, and weaved.

 I live in no one's world but my own! It was like the biggest deal ever. Some people  believe that it's a  biblical thing a woman should have hair. While, others' are just ignorant.

At any rate I digress. The day will one day come when Emsley's father will have to do her hair, it will happen. My father did my hair and whatever it'll happen.

Recently a photo went viral: 

How Amazingly Cute is this? This man doesn't care about how knotty, coarse, thick, rough, or kinky his daughter's hair. It's pictures like these, relationships like this that let me know that GOOD PEOPLE are still around. She will appreciate this later in life and know she is loved.