Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be Grateful...

Yesterday, I was complaining about the "hurt" I've experienced with my father. Today I am grateful. As I lay daughter in my arm, blogging on my cell phone app, watching ABC's extreme make-over weight lost edition, I am grateful! Nyla, has allowed her life, her whole being actually to be consumed by the hurt of never knowing who her father is. In efforts to help her the producers of the show "find" her father. He has passed. He committed suicide in 2010. We both break down in tears. How miniscule, she has just made my Bitch fit feel? Very. Today I am grateful, for I know my father, I could pick up the phone and hear his voice right now. I have a beautiful daughter. A supportive mailman. I'm alive and well. I may not be thin, my hair may not be long, my skin may not be clear. In fact I am fat, I have cellulite, a flabby belly, bad skin, knotty hair, a big nose, and tons of stretch marks...but I am grateful. Because for every negative in my life I have at least 3 positives. We take for granted our situations in life, we highlight the negative and pass over the positive. I challenge you to love life, your life no matter how screwed up or messed up it is. Be Grateful for something never wake up one day on this earth and not find a reason or something to be Grateful for, even if its just the air you're breathing. I am grateful for my stroller I got to push it around today. Something I've been wanting to do since I got it...and I bought 50 shades of grey.

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