Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear Phamacy Graduates of 2017!

First let me start off by saying Congratulations Doctors. Your commitment to education and excellence has finally paid off. You have accomplished a task that most people lack the ambition to start and dedication to pursue.

You are the proud recipient of not only a Doctorate of Pharmacy but, for most of us, also at the least $100,000 worth of student loan debt. That unfortunately for us all Besty DeVil-ros is attempting to make problematic. It's just bad (Republican or Democrat) this is not up for debate.

You are several exams away from being entrusted with the resposibility of protecting millions of lives. Preparing to tackle what may seem like the fight of your life.

The Journey may feel as if it has come to an end, but be not confused, it is just really begin. You have choices to make, much bigger than what you will eat for dinner, what you will spend your refund check on when it arrives, or where to vacation for spring break. No, refund checks and spring breaks as you know them are things of the past.Much like being a poor struggling student, if you manage your money. Or maybe poor and struggling, not so much. That is up for debate.

So much responsibilty is getting ready to hit you right in the face. Not, just like one brick falling more like 10 just all at once, at a super fast speed. This will be overwhelming and frustrating, but we all ("new grads," because of course I still consider myself a new grad) go through it. You will have days that, even after the inital transition you will still go through it.

Days when your sole existence as pharmacist will consist of answering challenging questions such as:

"What aisle are shoe strings on?"
"What time do you close?"
"Is this made in China?"

And my personal favorite...

" Where do I drop off?" While Standing undering a sign that says "Drop Off"

All questions only a licensed pharmacist could answer. Clearly.

And this is okay.

I think the hardest part of our job is figuring out how to best "Help" our patients. Sometimes, they just need us to be an ear to listen. Other times, our patience, other days it's our kindness, and yes even some days they need discipline.

They need us. Never forget that! Dare, not let an Amazon, nor a mail order automated machine, outshine you! More importantly, replace you. And yes you may have some work to do, to prevent that from happening. You are brilliant, you GOT THIS!

If this journey, as a pharmacist is leveled on a 100% scale, you are now at 25%. Upon licensure you will be at 50%, you have a complete lifetime of greatness ahead of you. So, as you prepare to become a licensed pharmacist be encouraged.

Today is your day, You're off to great places, you're off and away.

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