Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm a P3 now!!!!

Hello  All!

I feel like every time I post, I am apologizing for not posting sooner. At any rate I'm sorry for not posting sooner, but life has just been going.

I am officially a P3 now!!! It feels amazing! In case you were wondering how it feels. School ended April 30 at noon and final grades came in a few days later and here I am chillaxing.  This semester had to have been the roughest of them all. The second semester of P2 year begins Drug and Disease Management (DDM) 1-3. I have covered CVS and CNS, that is Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System. Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics. I feel like a Champion because CVS (Block 3) was rough, it took a few people out! Hell, it almost took me out. Through God's graces, mercies, and strength, I made it out with a C+.

When I logged in, I saw 4 comments needing to be published. Now, I am here to tell you for so long I have felt like my blogging had been in vain. But to see people actually reading and responding has elevated my feeling of AMAZINGNESS to a new level. I blog because when I was interested in pharmacy school their wasn't anyone blogging.  I say this because I mostly feel like I blog about school now, more than anything when I do blog. My goal in life is just to be a help, or a motivation to someone!

SO...... In response to my comments: Go to Pharmacy School and KICK MAJOR BUTT! I say this because there is no longer a shortage of pharmacist in the United States of America, and in fact we are rapidly approaching saturation. I love my Profession, it didn't choose me, I chose it! I plan to make my mark on pharmacy! Thirty years from now when professors are teaching History of Pharmacy, I want my name to be in a text book. I hope this is the goal of all of my colleagues!

Us Pharmacy Students are in this race together! Stay motivated and encouraged. I can be reached by email at , facebook @Charity Strothers, and Instagram @makeupill. Whether, you want to say "Hi" , need a word of encouragement, advice, or have a question! Never hesitate to give me a shoot!

With Love!

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