Monday, November 6, 2017


Day 6 of 30 Days of Thanks!

Today goes to my house. I am so thankful to be a homeowner. Becoming a homeowner was something my husband wanted to accomplish for awhile. We looked for a home for almost a year. We've purchased a townhouse and returned it. Put offers on homes and were outbid. We have under-offered and over-offered. Hopefully, by now you get the point. Home searching was so stressful.

My husband and I were at such crossroads, when we finally decided to purchase. On the verge of marriage and wanting our own space. Quite naturally, we looked into renting an apartment, until things could kind of settle. However, we were naive to the fact, that in our area a 2 bedroom apartment starts at $1,300. It was clear to us, renting wasn't going to be a viable option. And so after postponing our search, we commenced again. I felt like we still continued to run into dead ends after deadened. I can remember, housing we would be interested in, would have been on the market for months and the moment we sent in an offer miraculously, 2 other people would. I personally felt cursed.

We constantly tried to refine our search hoping we would turn up with better luck. We searched across a couple price ranges and multiple cities and still nothing. Sometimes, we would find homes and I would really like them, but my husband wouldn't and then vice verso. I prayed and I prayed and then I prayed a little more.

Then, we finally got serious and said ok this is what we are really looking for:

1.Move-in ready
3. Minimum 3 beds/2 baths
4. Backyard
5. Washer/Dryer Area
6. Under $200,000

Maybe, 4 days after our homes was listed we went to go see it and a day or two after we put in an offer on our home.This process, was so stressful. Just everything, was stressful.Our home is modest, not too little, not too much. Enough, for our little family. To be completely honest, sometimes, I get caught up in the extra-ness of life. Don't we all? I want the 3 story all brick home, with 5 beds and 4 baths. But, today I'm thankful for a place to lay my head, a tax break, storage for my things, and a hub for my family to create memories. To be even more honest it's great and all to own a home. But, as long as I have my daughter and husband with me any where could be home.

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