Saturday, November 4, 2017


Day 4 of 30 Days of Thanks goes to something kind of abstract.

Today, I am thankful for sleep. Sleep is very important first of all, and secondly so many people in the world struggle with the inability to sleep.

Working overnight is at times very challenging. Mostly, because my body gets so confused about what exactly I'm doing. Staying up at night, or being up at night by choice is a little different than knowing you have to be awake, while most people are sleeping. However, when I get home it's lights out without reservation.

On the nights I have off, I get excited to go to bed. Like, the way you feel on Christmas Eve as a child. Yeah, it's pretty much that serious.

At the basketball game. Sleepy.
As a pharmacist, I get to talk to patients and, I know many Americans aren't sleeping well. Commonly, patients come in either with issues of having trouble falling to sleep or having trouble staying a sleep. Being dependent on a sleep aid to fall a sleep is a serious issue. Especially, when people are being medicated to sleep and the quality of their sleep is terrible.

I am thankful that at this point in my life, sleep is something I love to get in abundance.

Currently, as I am writing this I  am actually exhausted and forfeiting my last hour of sleep to get this blog post up, before work.

My husband with his shady-self today comes in and says look at you Ms. Commitment.

My commitment to 30 days of thanks is to explore, the things in my life that I overlook daily. Things I think are common, and take for granted. While abstract, I really am thankful for sleep. It is important to the way we experience life.Something, which seems so minuscule, basic or even ordinary to most people is the "one wish" som

e people have.

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