Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So, remember way back when I was all trying to lose weight and such? Well, I kind of fell off of that band wagon and I need to get back on because my weight is ridiculous.And I had to remind myself that it is already Emsley's half birthday and in 6 months more months I won't be able to hide behind the excuse of just having a baby. I don't know what really is so difficult about kicking the weight to the curb, especially since I was so excited about it in the beginning. I know what's so hard about it I love Red Velvet, I mean I absolutely love it. And Panera has a red velvet crinkle cookie, they are super expensive but totally delicious. If you like red velvet like I you must try it, be warned however that they are very sweet.

So, today Emsley had a doctor's appointment and I was able to take her and as corny as that sounds it actually felt really good. It was her 6 month old well visit and she had to get four nasty shots. It broke my heart to see her crying like that but such things are necessary.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I introduced this topic before about me not really being a girly girl. However, I think that it's really time that I upgrade a lot of things about myself. Not only for myself and to feel good about myself, but to set an example for Emsley and to look good for my man SHOOT! Anyway, I am finally going to get my weave done at the end of this month and I am SUPER DOOPER excited, and then my clothes. I need more grown up attire.Which at the beginning of the semester I had clothes to cover my fat and hide my tattoos.But now I'm comfortable with my surroundings and I want to dress more stylish and current. Which sounds difficult when I play these things in my head with the million of things I have to do on the daily. However, I think that when it comes to myself I'm more lazy than I like to think that I am and I need to break that. So that is my goal.

That was a long tangent, back to my weight I've got to do something. I keep saying that but I've not developed any good and realistic ways of establishing a routine. I guess once I get serious enough then I will really commit to it. Although, I have started taking CLA to tone my "hang" I hope it aids me in my recovery, Only time will tell! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as I am enjoying my liberation.

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