Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Has Gone...

Let me start here with saying I was born in the 90s (I feel like I'm saying something), and Christmas was like a big deal even as I got older it was serious business. But it's not the same anymore and I don't know if it's because everyone is getting older not just myself or if times have really changed. I can remember my father lived in Richmond and he would bring me home on Christmas night and NOTHING was open NO ONE was on the road it was like a empty road. My nana would always have a Christmas party in her little apartment there would be TONS of people piled in there with good food and good music it was SO much fun, everyone looked forward to it every year. This year there wasn't a lot of family together on either of my mother side or father's or even the mailman's people.

 Nemie opened her presents and she seemed to enjoy them. After we got dressed and went to my moms and mailman moms and Nemie got even more clothes. Santa brought her about 11 clothing sets to our house. I think they came from target and when went to the moms she got about 5 more outfits. Now we just have to get her some shoes. She is such a big girl.

 At any rate Christmas has gone and now it's time to prepare for New Years. Normally the mailman and I go away and spend an evening out of town we order Chinese food and sleep and wake up in time to watch 106 and park and to see the ball drop. This year I'm feeling more along the lines of going to church which is strange because at first I was thinking maybe we could get a baby sitter and we could go to an elegant restaurant or something. Now, however I'm feeling drawn to go to church so maybe I really need to be there.

Overall, Christmas was a success for our unit and I hope All went well for you guys!

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