Thursday, July 26, 2012

Help Me Please...

Ok, so...I always feel like I start off my thoughts/posts with "ok,so" but its ok you know.

Anyway on to what I need to say this is a super late night post because I just got my daughter down to sleep and now I am obsessing over weight loss...I know, I know again? Yes, again. I like really need some help or like some tips on getting this flabby tummy situation together. I am like going crazy on google with phrases like "lose flabby belly", "How to lose tummy after c-section" and all sorts of various phrases. It's really becoming an issue. And normally when I blog about something like this it's because I need to vent, but I actually feel like I do need some help. But the confusing part is I'm not sure if I want help by way of tips with losing my flabby tummy or if I want help with stressing over it.

Who Knows?

However there is this website that's called shapes of a mother and it's really inspirational with pictures and stories of what mothers hate about their bodies. It's just great! And it gives me hope. I am so fortunate to have had an amazing surgeon everyone (as in the few people I have let see my scar) says you can barely see it. I'm not numb there and he just really hooked me up. Come to find out he's one of the top surgeons in the world! I feel very Blessed! EVMS, really took care of me, the doctors are ALL very personable, caring, and understanding. And Labor and Deliver at Norfolk General is the best, I didn't want to LEAVE when it was time to go. AND I loved the food staff who made sure I had my blue Popsicle and went over and beyond to find them for me...That's more than I can say for LAKEVIEW MEDICAL CENTER OBGYNs they are pretty much close to the WORST!

At any rate I'm trying very hard to be proactive about this whole body situation. But, It's Hard Honey. I have been walking everyday something that Emsley actually enjoys. I mean really walking and working it out. And I was OH So proud of myself yesterday: the mailman and I ate at chick-fil-a and I wanted a regular chicken sandwich so bad, but I resisted and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich,however I did get the steps honey, baby steps...

I'm trying to eat really good, incorporating lean proteins and more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I saw a recipe online, that I kind of want to try but kind of not sure all at the same time. It's a Mexican salad with sliced cucumbers and oranges, chilli seasoning, and lime/lemon juice. SOUNDS INTERESTING... I'll let you guys know if I try it.

Also, I think my full maternal instincts have come in, at first I could NEVER EVER  see myself having another child but I'm more receptive to the idea with each passing week. Not now, but 5-6 years from now I could see it. I do want a son. Soooo, I hope you're reading mailman

Anyway, I'm going to try to catch some sleep while my Nemie is sleeping...

Stay Sweet Honies

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