Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guns, why is it so easy to get them?

When a tragedy happens like one of that in Colorado, human response looks for someone or something to blame...Natural. 
AND then the questions come...
How are we allowing guns to get on our streets? Why can't we control these firearm related incidents? I think those are great questions...questions that can only provoke thought to make us better and safer. AND it's big topic. And as with any topic but especially a big one it draws celebrity attention...And when a celebrity takes note and speaks on issues that affects us common folks, people listen. Rapper turned amazing actor Ice-T recently made a controversial statement saying, "The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny...If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it" and also tweeting "If you go into the jungle…. Will you NOT get eaten because you’re a vegan??”. 

AND, I will tell you becoming a parent changes your outlook on everything...Because before I became a parent I would have thought exactly what Ice-T said because it's true. However, being a parent I think sure if someone wants to take a life they don't need a firearm to do it, but why make it easy for them. And let's be honest I don't want those firearms in the wrong hands especially now because, I've got a daughter out there. But that poses the question: If we can't regulate proper use of firearms then should we even allow the use of them? I mean is one willing to sacrifice the rights of everyone because a minority doesn't know how to ACT? Oh, man I'm pushing gears now. 

I don't have all the solutions, I don't pretend to nor do I even want to. BUT, what I do know is that these senseless deaths and tragedies are unfortunate and I don't want children or people who aren't responsible enough to own firearms to have them. What do you think?

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  1. I have mentioned you in a post today Brittany, have a good one xx