Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father, Father, Father

Father's Day is rapidly approaching. YAY! and you really can't be pregnant without considering that at one point in time there was a man that was all over you (or you were all over him) and that's how you got here. I'm still at the stage where everything you do makes me cry, I'm not a priority in your life, you talk to me like crap, and I want to slap you because I'm uncomfortable and you're not. However, all sarcasm aside I couldn't ask for a better father for Emnem. He genuinely cares for the both of us. It's an amazing thing when you have someone who views parenting in the same light as yourself. A Best Friend and a Lover. I feel confident in saying that even if a relationship between the two of us is not long lasting, that his daughter will always be a priority in his life. In the lives of us both. He says that although he hopes that we'll be together forever he hopes that if that doesn't happen we can have a relationship like Demi, Ashton, and Bruce. I thought that was funny. Our relationship may not be perfect, (don't get it twisted) and we may be young but we're a unit. When I found out I was pregnant he never pushed me to get an abortion, or questioned whether he was the father. He was excited and made all my doctor's appointments. He doesn't want to share his baby (That's his self-fish side). He'll probably fall harder for her than I will, being wrapped around her finger, and her best friend. I love them both very much.I can't wait for her to get here, so I can love them more. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY!


  1. Thats too sweet, my daughter is a daddies girl. Always has been :)

  2. Once upon a time I was a daddy's girl... So I know how that is. Something isn't the one who goes through no pain they send all their love and affection to.

  3. Enjoy your baby's very first father's day! I remember our son's first ... that and the first mother's day are so special!

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  4. This was sweet. Dads are so important especially to daughters!! New Follower from MBC follow back